The meteoric economic and industrial development enjoyed by the commercial capital of India, also brought in its wake an unprecedented growth in population. Recognizing the mushrooming problem and the physical limitations of a burgeoning city built on a narrow peninsular strip of land, the administrators decided to resolve the issue by developing a new, satellite city.

Accordingly, on 17th March 1970, the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.(CIDCO) was incorporated under the Indian Companies Act (1956) with the precise objective of decongesting Mumbai. CIDCO had a clearly defined purpose – to channel Mumbai’s burgeoning population and commerce to a new physically, economically and commercially sustainable satellite city.

The commercial and economic development of any city depends largely on the enthusiastic participation of its business community. With an intent to woo the commercial enterprises to the new city of Navi Mumbai, the government began negotiations with the Federation of Association of Maharashtra (FAM), an umbrella organization representing the collective interests of the commercial and business organization in Maharashtra. One of the issues discussed, was the reasons for the disinclination on the part of the business community to relocate their enterprises. After further deliberation, the government accepted the FAM’s suggestion to establish a network of imminent facilities viz, housing societies, educational institutions and healthcare services.

FAM took upon itself the task of establishing a suitable environment for the business community to migrate to Navi –Mumbai.After successfully acquiring the required plots and land for this ambitious endeavor, FAM under the aegis of its sub committee namely CIDCO project committee of FAM, which was headed by Mohan Gurnani, one of the trustees of this institution proceeded to constitute a number of legal entities delegating different arms of the titanic task to each wing. One such committee – Navi Mumbai Merchants Educational Foundation was given the onerous task of spearheading the establishment of educational facilities for the new city. With a view to decentralize its various responsibilities, the committee instituted a trust under the able chairmanship of Mr. Mohan Gurnani.

The Navi Mumbai Merchants Educational Foundation was born with the explicit purpose of setting up a school. As the germ of an idea began to take shape on paper and blue prints, the final realization from paper into an institution of mortar and bricks was enabled by the generous contribution from the Anchorwala family, who were equally sympathetic to the cause of establishing educational facilities in this upcoming township. Hence it was appropriate the new educational institution be called – Anchorwala Education Academy.Although born, as a way of inviting the commercial enterprises to the new township, the business community looks upon establishing this educational facility as a way of giving back to the society, a society from which they themselves have gained so much.As a testament to this value, we at the Anchorwala Education Academy solemnly vow to uphold its motto – “Scripting Childhood.” and to fulfill its objective.